7 Big Questions About Impact Becoming GFW

Global Force for concern?


The Anthem Sports era has been tumultuous, to say the least.

They've lost Mike Bennett and Maria, the Broken Hardys, Jade, Drew Galloway, Crazzy Steve, and others, many to WWE and NXT. In return, they've gained Reno Scum, Scott Steiner, Matt Sydal, Alberto El Patron, and a revamped Latin American Xchange.

There have been cosmetic alterations too. In less than a year, TNA has gone from Total Nonstop Action to Impact Wrestling, and now they're set for another big name change: Global Force Wrestling is coming.

When it was announced that Impact Wrestling had "acquired" Global Force Wrestling not long after Jeff Jarrett resumed working for the company in a behind-the-scenes role, it wasn't long before GFW talent and titles started showing up on Impact.

And now, Impact Wrestling will formally cut ties with its former incarnation and rebrand itself anew. It took a very long and circuitous route, but Jeff Jarrett finally found a way to get GFW on TV at last.

New title belts are already in the pipeline and a new edition of Slammiversary is in the record books, but what other changes are in the works?

This merger raises plenty of questions. We'll look at the biggest ones concerning Impact/GFW's future.


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