7 Big Questions About Impact Becoming GFW

7. Will New Backstage Leadership Change The Product?

Yes, Jeff Jarrett is back in a prime position with his former company, but that's not the only change in leadership lately.

They just let go of Shane Helms, Al Snow, and Pat Kenney (aka Simon Diamond), reportedly as a cost-cutting measure. Helms had two years behind the scenes, as well as working in an onscreen mentor role for Trevor Lee and Andrew Everett. Al Snow spent seven years behind the scenes, as well as working a recurring onscreen role. Kenney had ten years backstage at TNA, plus time in-ring.

And based on Helms's tweets, the split was not entirely amicable.

So they've got Bruce Prichard and Dutch Mantell back there, along with Jeff Jarrett. While Dutch has often been credited as a strong supporter of the Knockouts, his Make Impact Great Again schtick was not an auspicious start to his latest term with the company. And Bruce's on-air time thus far has been mostly putting himself over instead of the talent.

What will this mean for the storytelling style of the brand going forward? How much of a role did Helms, Snow, and Kenney play in the short-lived Anthem/Impact era of the company?


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