7 Biggest WWE Fastlane 2016 Rumours You Need To Know

7. Enzo And Big Cass Debut

Enzo and Big Cass could get their big WWE debut at Fastlane this sunday, with Cageside Seats reporting on rumours that they could be used as a "surprise" during the Edge and Christian segment. They've actually been on the road with the main roster recently, which is perhaps the fuel on the fire of speculation that's taking place right now in the internet wrestling community. Many fans are convinced that Enzo and Cass are coming in for a WrestleMania match with the ever popular New Day. It does make a lot of sense to debut them at Fastlane, and it would work well with Edge and Christian introducing them. But are they really big enough for a 'Mania match? No. The expectation I'd have is Enzo and Cass slotting into the 'Mania tag match alongside other teams like The Usos. A lot will depend on how they're received this weekend. Getting over in NXT is one thing, but the bigger WWE audience is a whole different ball game. It is telling that WWE never put the tag titles on them down in NXT, with audience interaction being what has carried the team so far. A big Fastlane debut with the opportunity to do some mic work and engage with stars like E & C is a smart way to bring them in as it plays to their strengths.
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