7 Biggest WWE Fastlane 2016 Rumours You Need To Know

6. Brie Bella's Last Match

Brie Bella has confirmed she will be done with WWE soon. The timing of her Divas Title shot against Charlotte at Fastlane is certainly very interesting. It is the sort of match that would be ideal to bow out on, a high-profile title bout, which she'd likely lose in order to join her husband in retirement. Given how the match came about out of the blue, and what happened with Daniel Byran's retirement, it does feel like it could be a sendoff. The rumour has been doing the rounds online and Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio does believe it could be the case that she's done after Fastlane or, alternatively, WrestleMania. Expect Brie to lose valiantly and then stay in the ring to soak up the cheers as a way to say goodbye.
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