7 Biggest WWE Fastlane 2016 Rumours You Need To Know

4. Dean Ambrose's Heel Turn

In regards to Dean Ambrose, there are two big rumours doing the rounds about his role at Fastlane. First of all, he's expected to be the fall guy, with Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter stating "Ambrose was added because on paper it seems to be a way to avoid having Lesnar get beat". That rumour has now been spread, however, it is worth noting that Ambrose has picked up significant steam thanks to his recent Raw performances. Another rumour that stems from Meltzer's newsletter is that Ambrose could be turning heel on Sunday. That's an idea that has also been encouraged by WWE, with repeated hints that the WWE Title ambition could drive Ambrose and his "brother" Roman Reigns apart. Meltzer writes "The one thing I can see with the three-way is if Ambrose is to lose, they can turn him out of jealousy, because Reigns does need new heel foes as champion".
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