7 Biggest WWE Fastlane 2016 Rumours You Need To Know

5. Bray Wyatt Costing Brock Lesnar

Bray Wyatt interfering in the Fastlane main event and costing Brock Lesnar a title opportunity is heavily rumoured as one of the big angles this Sunday. "The Wyatt Family likely costing Lesnar the three-way at Fast Lane in some form", Dave Meltzer stated in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. That angle would then set up a Bray Wyatt versus Brock Lesnar co-main event for WrestleMania. It is looking pretty likely, with much of the online discussion seeming to agree with the sentiment. It is also worth noting that Wyatt doesn't have any match on the Fastlane show...likely because he's being used as a "surprise" factor in the main event.
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