7 Famous WWE Gimmicks Originally Intended For Other Superstars

The whole landscape of WWE would be different if wrestling's original plans came to fruition.


WWE's creative team has grown into a mega force in today's WWE. Over 30 specialist writers work with the McMahons and Triple H to produce TV and create the next crop of Superstars. Despite the glut of bodies making up the 'braintrust', their ideas are still more hit than miss. Too many cooks spoil the broth, and all that.

Yet even during simpler times, the company was often doing nothing but throwing the proverbial at the wall and hoping some of it would stick.

Much has been made of how during 'the Attitude Era' - WWE's most successful period, Vince, along with Pat Patterson, Jim Ross, and others, would sit around the pool at McMahon's mansions and create compelling shows and superstars alike.

Sometimes, they got things right straight away. Other times, the plans needed a bit of refinement - nay, a lot of refinement. Here are some shocking examples of successful gimmicks that were intended for other superstars.

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