7 Fascinating WWE Backstage Facts About Triple H

5. A Botched Pedigree Cost The Company

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_uORvO3MubA Back in the relative infancy on the Internet, a video circulated amongst wrestling fans of a brutal looking Pedigree, with some even reporting that Shawn Michaels was the one receiving the move. At the time, some speculated that the poor victim of the move had died, whilst others had heard that he had been paralysed. As it would happen, neither of those were actually true. During a 1996 episode of WWF Superstars, Hunter Hearst Helmsley went to deliver a Pedigree to a jobber by the name of Marty Garner. What actually happened was that Garner mistook the move for a double underhook suplex and so tried to adapt his body and jump into the move. Poor Marty would come straight down on his head and suffer some pretty nasty neck damage. Garner sued the WWF and received an out-of-court settlement for the incident, and he€™d even go on to discuss the whole thing on the likes of Sally Jesse Raphael and Montel Williams. Despite all of the hoopla surrounding this, Garner would actually continue his wrestling career, appearing on the independent circuit, in ECW, and even making occasional appearances in the WWE throughout the years. In fact, he's still appearing on the indy circuit as Cham Pain to this day.
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