7 Great TNA Moments You Totally Forgot Even Happened

Dixie got wood. No, really.

It may have been a brand built around shock value (that TNA name alone speaks volumes about the promotion's initial attention-seeking ways), but there was a time when Total Nonstop Action Wrestling was a genuine counterpoint to WWE's grip on the wrestling market.

The much-maligned company filled a hole vacated by WCW in the North American scene when it launched in 2002, and it was the breeding ground for current WWE stars like AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Bobby Roode and Xavier Woods. Hell, TNA even allowed legends like Sting to prolong their careers outside Vince McMahon's monopoly, and it let WWE cast offs such as Drew Galloway and Christian rebuild their reputations.

Although TNA has never been perfect, it has been host to some memorable moments.

For every unforgettable one though, like Kurt Angle's debut in 2006, the rise of the Main Event Mafia or that Scott Steiner promo, there are others that have been forgotten by fans. Classic tag-team goodness, personal turning points, epic table bumps and more are all in the TNA library if you look hard enough.

Plus, it was nice to see Mick Foley hit a guy with glasses. He had it coming...


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