7 Minor Changes That Would Make A Big Difference To WWE Elimination Chamber 2018

There's no need for seven men inside the Chamber, for a start.

john cena raw

WWE Elimination Chamber 2018 takes place this coming Sunday, and yet again WWE is poised to make history. The show will feature two firsts, in the shape of a women’s Chamber match and a seven-individual affair for the men. Plenty of the build to the show has been given over the two bouts that take the name of the event.

In truth, the word ‘plenty’ could be exchanged for ‘all’ there. The 2018 Elimination Chamber pay-per-view was scheduled to feature just four matches as recently as Thursday , before three other bouts were added in a most haphazard fashion. Accusations of booking laziness are thrown at WWE every month, but this may well take the biscuit.

How could WWE save the show? The two gimmick matches may make the filler completely irrelevant, but it is just as likely that both will flop and the show will do the same. It wouldn’t be difficult to put together a solid pay-per-view, making just a few minor changes to the current card.


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