7 New Directions For WWE After The Greatest Royal Rumble

That Rumble performance deserves a title shot. Just saying...

AJ Styles Shinsuke Nakamura

There's no rest for the wicked.

In just nine short days, WWE will present another Network special. At Backlash, Seth Rollins will meet The Miz, Daniel Bryan wrestles Big Cass, Roman Reigns faces Samoa Joe and both the Raw and SmackDown Women's Titles will be on the line.

As that show happens so soon, Backlash must be taken into account when considering where the company are going with storylines. The Greatest Royal Rumble, as bizarre as it was to see such a heavily-hyped show follow so quickly on the heels of WrestleMania, gave some indication as to what's in store for the main event crowd after 6 May too.

WWE's task will be establishing the top acts on each brand and keeping them interesting before SummerSlam (that's the next major stop off on the pay-per-view calendar) In that sense then, the Greatest Rumble was a success.

A 'little and large' combo killed it in Saudi Arabia; one half (Braun Strowman) is surely in line for another major push later this year, and the other (Daniel Bryan) can begin his slow burn back to the top of the card by avenging what happened in the Rumble...


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