7 Non-AEW Stars That Could Be At All In London

All In is already breaking records but who else is set for AEW's first UK show?

Goldberg AEW UK

For the first time since its inception, All Elite Wrestling is coming to the United Kingdom and they aren't just dipping their toes into foreign waters.

When AEW Chairman Tony Khan announced All In was bound for Wembley Stadium, it shook the entire wrestling world to its core with many questioning whether the decision was an oversight.

However, despite it being AEW's first venture outside of North America, All In has exceeded most sale expectations currently reaching 75,030 tickets out as per Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer - and that is without a single match even being announced. This just shows how big AEW has become in Europe over the past four years and the sheer demand for pro wrestling overseas. With WWE hosting Clash At The Castle and Money In The Bank in the UK over the last twelve months, it has demonstrated just how passionate the international crowds are, especially in Great Britain.

75,000+ tickets is an unbelievable number, AEW won't want to stop there and will have their eyes set on breaking attendance records. SummerSlam 1992 currently holds the record for the largest UK attendance with 79,127, while WrestleMania 32 holds the record for the biggest crowd for a paid show at 80,709. AEW will be keen to beat that by any means necessary and that may involve throwing money at proven needle movers in order to secure their name in the record books...

7. Zack Gibson & James Drake

Goldberg AEW UK

Despite being under WWE contract until 14 October, there is still a small chance we see the British duo in Wembley on 27 August.

The artists formerly known as The Grizzled Young Veterans have had a rough ride under the WWE umbrella and have struggled to really rediscover themselves. The now Rip Fowler and Jagger Reid are currently part of a failing project in Schism which is diluting two of the more experienced members of the NXT roster. Even before Joe Gacy recruited the pair, the Brits were just another team on the books and never had anything meaningful to sink their teeth into.

Then back in April, Fowler and Reid requested their release from WWE which was later denied. They continued to be on NXT TV alongside Gacy and Raine building up to a Loser Leaves NXT match with the esteemed Creed Brothers. While this would have been a good chance for The Dyad to get their wish and for WWE to say goodbye to a team they clearly don't see much in, the former Drake and Gibson won the bout.

However, WWE are yet to have their annual talent clear-out, and reports dating back to May suggest that "budget cuts" could be on the horizon. With the pair being contracted to NXT instead of the main roster, their no-compete clause is only active for 30 days opposed to the accustomed 90. It cuts it fine for Wembley, but it's not impossible.


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