7 Non-AEW Stars That Could Be At All In London

6. RVD

Goldberg AEW UK

With All In being AEW's first overseas show in their existence, they may want to bring in some household names in order to up the already impressive ticket numbers. Therefore they should look no further than RVD.

Whether it's hardcore or casuals, everyone is familiar with the high-flying and daredevil game of Rob Van Dam and he's the sort of talent that could tempt people through the door. Now at the age of 52, RVD has proven he can still go, and as fellow legend Sting has confirmed, age is just a number in pro wrestling.

Even if RVD doesn't get physical, he can have the role that his fellow ECW counterpart Sabu played at Double Or Nothing in May. Having Rob come in as an enforcer for a Jeff Hardy or Chris Jericho match would be a good pop for the Wembley crowd and would certainly get more eyes on the product.


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