7 Notoriously Hated WWE Storylines (That Weren't Actually So Bad)

Imperfect angles with some big time silver linings.

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WWE has never been afraid to push the envelope as it pertains to bad taste, and it doesn't always work out in their favour. Sure, they've produced some truly classic segments with DX and Stone Cold, but they've also produced Mae Young giving birth to a human hand after a months-long love affair with "Sexual Chocolate" Mark Henry.

Still, the company's track record with outrageous storylines is surprisingly strong. In fact, I'd argue that it's much better than a lot of fans have given them credit for.

Vince McMahon may be the closest thing we have to a real life mad scientist, and his method for building storylines often resembles a toddler haphazardly stacking Lego pieces on top of pancakes. So not all of his ideas end up being winners. But there's usually at least one nugget of amazingness tucked away in even the dumbest and most offensive angles and storylines.

And often, WWE fans are so caught up in the fact that a particular storyline isn't perfect that they're unable to enjoy the good parts of it. Sometimes you just have to be able to accept the silver lining that's right in front of your face and forget about the stuff that didn't work so well.

7. Eddie Guerrero And Rey Mysterio Fight For The Custody Of A Child

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WWE has always described itself as something of a soap opera, and never has that mentality been more apparent than when two grown men literally fought for the custody of a little boy in a ladder match. A briefcase that contained legal documents was suspended above the ring, and whoever climbed the ladder and grabbed the briefcase would be the legal guardian of this 8-year-old boy.

So yeah, this didn't have the classiest result. Throw in an infamous missed spot by Vickie Guerrero (dammit, Vickie!) and it's no wonder so many fans hated this storyline.

Setting aside how ludicrous it is to settle a custody battle via a ladder match, this was actually one of the more entertaining feuds of 2005. Eddie is never better than when he's acting like a villainous so and so and this was the perfect opportunity for him to embrace the seedier sides of his heel character.

You also have to give major props to Dominic, who did an excellent job portraying the terrified subject of this "legal" battle.

And that's not to mention the amazing matches these two had during their feud. Again, one missed interference spot does not negate their epic ladder match, nor should it take away from the displays Eddie and Rey put on night after night.

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