7 Promises AEW Have Made Since Launching (But Haven't Kept)

An objective audit of AEW's year-one promises.


AEW President Tony Khan was interviewed on Talk Is Jericho in February 2019. Little over a month after his promotion's launch press conference in Jacksonville, Florida, the lifelong wrestling fan outlined a vision for AEW's future built on honesty and integrity, saying he wanted the company to be known for delivering on its promises. He wanted to be able to say that he never lied to anybody.

Through Khan, The Elite, and other company representatives, AEW made a lot of promises in 2019. Now is a fair time to judge how successful they've been in delivering on them. Yes, this is still a young company, but 17 episodes of Dynamite and five pay-per-views is enough of a sample size to gauge how honest they've been throughout their first year.

Building trust with the audience is critical. Fans need to know that the time and effort put into following a promotion isn't going to waste. Khan, to his credit, recognises this, but while AEW has been successful in fulfilling boatloads of early promises, they've been found wanting in other departments.

This honest appraisal of AEW's year-one vows will be conducted as objectively as possible. Let's do it.


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