7 Rare Curt Hennig Matches You Need To See

7. 1/4/93 - Mr. Perfect vs. Ric Flair (WWF @ Texas)

http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1wh01q_ric-flair-vs-mr-perfect-invasion-of-the-bodyslammers-01-04-1993_sport How Can I Watch It: Invasion of the Bodyslammers (VHS) This is something of a forgotten match because whenever anyone thinks of Flair vs. Perfect they immediately picture their classic retirement match on Raw rather than this far rarer back-and-forth belter exclusive to Coliseum Home Video. Held on the same card as a mammoth Wrestling Challenge taping in Beaumont, TX, Perfect and Flair provided bored fans some much welcomed relief from the parade of squash matches they had endured, going all out for 10-minutes in a very rewarding contest. Satisfyingly, it even comes with a clean finish, with Perfect going over in the middle following the Perfect Plex. For some reason the match has never received a subsequent DVD release, leaving it accessible only to long-time fans who are still in possession of rickety video players and dusty old VHS tapes. While it would never be considered a classic, for the era it is absolutely a worthwhile watch for those who have never seen it.
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