7 Rare Curt Hennig Matches You Need To See

6. 10/6/97 - Curt Hennig vs. Chris Benoit (WCW @ Minneapolis)

http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6any2_nitro-97-curt-hennig-vs-chris-benoi_shortfilms How Can I Watch It: Nitro 10/6/97 Few would argue that Curt Hennig€™s return to in-ring competition in 1997 with WCW was a particularly rewarding run for him. It was clear his body was shot from the big-bumping style that had defined his career and he wasn't anything like the performer WWF fans had grown to love in the 90s. Hennig looked for all the world like he was phoning in most of his performances, content to make top money for minimal effort and little in the way of motivation. It wasn€™t entirely because his talents had deserted him either, because upon returning to WWE in 2002 he was, as if by magic, the same Mr. Perfect he had always been. That€™s not to say there weren€™t the occasional glimpses of Hennig at his best in WCW, with matches opposite Dean Malenko, Jeff Jarrett and old nemeses Ric Flair and Bret Hart worth checking out. The best was probably a blistering 5-minute clash with Chris Benoit on Nitro in October 1997 from Curt€™s home state. Hennig had only been back in the ring for three months and had not yet slipped into an apathetic funk, so he was motivated enough that he wanted to prove he could hang with the phenomenal Benoit. It is a match that will never see the light of day on any WWE DVD releases because of the obvious, making it a lesser-seen rarity worth giving a few minutes of your time to.
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