7 Reasons Kevin Steen Will Thrive In WWE

New signing Kevin Steen has everything he needs to make it in WWE.

On August 12, 2014, WWE officially announced the signing of Canadian-born Kevin Steen. Arguably the independent wrestling scene's hottest star, Steen is a former PWG World Tag Team Champion, PWG World Champion, ROH Tag Team Champion and ROH World Champion. To steal a phrase from somewhere else, he has been "The Face" of Ring of Honor for a number of years, consistently putting on great matches, delivering compelling promos and, put bluntly, making independent wrestling feel really f*cking cool again. Steen's 328 day run as ROH World Champion engulfed the entire company, helped sell a large number of "Kill Steen Kill" T-shirts, and made Kevin Steen a household name on the independent wrestling circuit. He has fans in high places in the WWE, including Stone Cold Steve Austin and William Regal, and impressed after being invited to a WWE tryout. Can Steen follow in the footsteps of fellow ROH World Champions CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and Seth Rollins and turn indie buzz and potential into a glittering career at WWE, the apex of professional wrestling? Or will he go the way of Low Ki and fail to acclimatise to the WWE's specific way of doing things? We think it'll be the former. Here's 7 reasons why...
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