7 Reasons Why James Ellsworth Is Obviously Not A Main-Eventer

"Any man with two hands has a fighting chance" will not be the catch cry of a generation.


It rolled on from a little spark that set the internet alight.

The New Era has gifted wrestling fans with all sorts of gems, with the story of the common man rising up against the odds as the central conceit. No one has represented that mentality more ironically than James Ellsworth.

SmackDown Live has, at this point in time, proven itself to have huge potential for success in the struggle to claim TV ratings. It’s fresh and exciting, daring to take risks in all its divisions, in an effort to grow away from the mundane garbage we had become accustomed to on the old SmackDown. It feels like the "People’s Show" again. James Ellsworth has epitomised that mentality.

But all good things must come to an end, and Ellsworth’s good thing is dangerously close to outliving its natural lifespan. SmackDown closing with immense “Yes” chants for Ellsworth’s hot tag says multiple things, but more than anything, suggests an underlying problem with the current product.

Here’s 7 reasons James Ellsworth’s main event spotlight needs to die.


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