7 Records Broken At WWE WrestleMania 32

The Rock bagged the fastest win in 'Mania history on April 3...

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Back in 1987, the then-World Wrestling Federation greatly inflated the attendance for WrestleMania III. Claiming that over 93,000 people converged on the Pontiac Silverdome, it's been said that there were actually around 78,000 in attendance for the event.

Inflating attendance isn't a new thing for professional wrestling, and it wouldn't be the only time WWE bloated a number to make things feel grander. At WrestleMania 32 in 2016, the company claimed that over 101,000 fans had crammed into the AT&T Stadium for the show, but that number has already been disputed by the likes of the Wrestling Observer in the days since the pay-per-view.

Regardless of any inflation, it's true that WWE pulled their largest crowd ever for a solitary event at 'Mania. That wasn't the only record broken, the promotion also smashed their own personal records for things like social media interaction and even actual show length.

There were complaints regarding WrestleMania's main event, as well as things like match results, but WWE won't care about that when they've been able to break so many records. 

Here are the most notable...

7. Longest Gap Between WrestleMania Performances

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Due to the fact that he wasn't given an individual entrance for the match, it probably took some a few minutes to realise that Tatanka was at WrestleMania 32. Taking part in the annual Andre The Giant Battle Royal, the veteran also achieved both a personal and company landmark which few could have claimed to see coming.

Back at 'Mania XI in 1995, Tatanka patrolled the ringside area for Bam Bam Bigelow in the main event. Alongside others in the Million Dollar Corporation, the guy watched on as Bam Bam faced Lawrence Taylor in an entirely unique featured bout. It would be his last WrestleMania appearance for quite some time

21 years later, Tatanka was in the ring duking it out with the current roster in the AT&T Stadium. That's the longest gap between WrestleMania performances ever, a record many may not know about. Tatanka is now the proud holder of that one, and it'll take some effort for somebody else to - literally - wrestle it away from him. 


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