7 Records Broken At WWE WrestleMania 32

6. Most Social Networking Activity During One Show

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These days, WWE covet social media attention. References to Twitter are still sprinkled throughout programming, although thankfully not as heavily as they were a few years ago. Company officials must be absolutely delighted then that whilst WrestleMania 32 was on the air, people were more active on Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere than ever before.

According to the Nielsen Social, WrestleMania 32 was the most social event in WWE history. There's a lot of buzz on 'WrestleMania Day' before the pay-per-view even begins, and Twitter hosted around 2.5 million mentions of the event during April 3 to reflect that. 

Whilst the show was in progress, 1.3 million Tweets were sent out relating to 'Mania, which marks an increase of 50 percent and 18 percent from last year, respectively. Further to that, there were more than 250 million video views on WWE.com, WWE's own app and various social media platforms the week of WrestleMania. 

Not all the buzz was positive, obviously, but that's unlikely to worry WWE. They just enjoy shouting from the rooftops about their social networking presence.


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