7 Short-Lived WWE Shows You Forgot Existed

6. WWE Confidential

Shotgun Saturday Night

Confidential offered something a little different from your weekly WWE programming. Hosted by the legendary Gene Okerlund, the show aired on TNN late on Saturday nights, and gave fans a behind-the-scenes look at the inner-workings of the company.

Furthermore, it focused on some of the more personal stories behind what we saw on camera, such as Shawn Michaels' admission that he was involved in the Montreal Screwjob, the story surrounding Stone Cold Steve Austin's departure from the company, and a rundown of the Monday Night Wars. In many ways, it was like a lot of the programming you would see on the WWE Network in today's day and age, as it was unafraid to break kayfabe when necessary - and that made it rather cutting edge for its time.

It first hit screens in 2002 and ran for just under two years before it was replaced by another new recap show, WWE Experience.


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