7 Things You Should Know About WWE Royal Rumble 1993

2. Giant Gonzalez Destroyed The Undertaker And Bored All Of Us

The ongoing theme of this show was that a lot of new talent showed up in WWE in the months leading up to it or at the show itself. There was a moment involving The Undertaker that featured another debut that we won't forget because of how weird it was. With all due respect to the man, the Giant Gonzalez was awful. He was one of the worst professional wrestlers of all time. He couldn't move very well, he was unable to deliver promos (that's why he had Harvey Wippleman as a manager) and his matches were terrible. Since Vince McMahon loved to put Undertaker against monster heels, it wasn't a total shock that Gonzalez would go after Undertaker. Gonzalez made his debut while the announcers wondered who he was. He went after Undertaker right away and sent him over the top to the floor to eliminate him. Gonzalez gave him a chokeslam and also went after his knee. Undertaker was left lying. He eventually limped off while the announcers wondered who it was that attacked him. The idea of the attack wasn't bad. However, Gonzalez was such a limited performer that it really comes off as cheesy all these years later. The matches they had were really bad too.

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