7 Things We Learned From AJ Lee On StarTalk

One of the deepest wrestling-related podcasts you'll ever experience...

Looking for something different to the jumble of wrestling podcasts out there?

If so, you could do a lot worse than checking out AJ Lee (Mendez) on Neil deGrasse-Tyson's excellent StarTalk pod. This isn't your regular interview that discusses watching wrestling on the couch with dad, how a talent broke into the biz or who's a bitch behind the scenes. It's something more, and it's another example of AJ's intelligence beyond the character fans witnessed on Raw, SmackDown and WWE pay-per-view.

deGrasse, an astrophysicist and author, was joined by comedian Chuck Nice and neuroscientist Dr. Heather Berlin for an in-depth chat on all things mental health. Their snippets of wisdom link each interview segment with Lee, and they add deeper scientific context to her heartfelt words and experiences inside and out of the ring.

We're not sure where else you're going to hear an ex-professional talk about X-Men, Saturday Night Live, bi-polar disorder and WWE all in one sitting. The three-time Divas Champion doesn't bemoan mental illness as something that held her back. Instead, she views it as her own personal superpower...

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