7 Things We Learned From AJ Lee On StarTalk

7. How AJ Views Wrestling

AJ Lee Kaitlyn

deGrasse is fascinated by the science behind everything, and so hearing he and co-host Chuck Nice explain the painstaking detail behind running the ropes (bones break when body movements come to a sudden stop, basically) can be a little overbearing due to their clear lack of knowledge over the wrestling profession.

Still, that's why AJ Lee was there.

When Neil asked her to sum up pro wrestling, Lee answered by saying she'd always likened it to a mix of Cirque du Soleil and Saturday Night Live. Then, in typically smart fashion, she related to each by noting wrestling's acrobatic athleticism and the improvisation necessary for promos that make it like NBC's long-running entertainment enterprise.

There's no ill-needed desire to defend the silliness of wrestling on AJ's part. In fact, she embraces that absurdity, looks through any holes in logic and relates WWE's biggest stars to real-life superheroes who can inspire people to do the impossible.

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