7 Things WWE Fans Wanted (Until They Got Them)

It seems that Daniel Bryan was right after all. We really are fickle...


Every wrestling fan is a fantasy booker in their own mind. Each one of us has their favorites, wrestlers we would like to become a champion, changes to be made, people to come and go. And yet, when we finally get what we want, more often than not it turns out not at all like we thought it would.

Sometimes it's due to the expectations simply being too high. Other times, it's due to other people's incompetence, bad decisions or lack of foresight. Either way, we end up disappointed. Matches that were supposed to be all-time classics end up being just okay and people we thought would become megastars keep sliding down the card.

Expectations not meeting reality is a big part of every wrestling fan's experience. Things we build up in our heads to be amazing end in a whimper and there's nothing we can do about it. With that said, let's look at some cases of WWE fans being, as Daniel Bryan would say, fickle. With the way this company operates, do we not have the right to be just that?


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