7 Things You Should Know About WWE Royal Rumble 2002

2. Maven's Elimination Of The Undertaker Was The Most Shocking Elimination Ever

It's one of the greatest single eliminations in the history of the Rumble match. The Tough Enough winner and rookie Maven was the 11th man in the match. As he made his entrance, The Undertaker (who was a heel biker dude known as "Big Evil") cleared the ring of everybody else that was in there. It looked bad for Maven. The Hardy Boys (Matt & Jeff) were the two guys in there before Maven. Undertaker eliminated them, but they were still around ringside. They went after Undertaker enough to slow him down until Taker tossed them out again. Undertaker stood by the ropes, told them to get out of his ring and then Maven capitalized with a dropkick to eliminate Taker! It was a huge shock the likes of which we hadn't ever seen in a Rumble match before. It was a huge moment when Maven sent Undertaker out because he was still new and nobody expected it to happen. Jim Ross went wild on commentary: "MY GOD MY GOD I DON'T BELIEVE IT!" He wasn't the only one. The crowd went wild as Maven had this "oh no what did I do?" type of look on his face. Undertaker looked so mad. His reaction was amazing. Shortly after the elimination, Undertaker went after Maven. He tossed him out of the ring by sending him through the ropes and crushed him with a massive chair shot to the head that probably knocked the poor kid out. He tossed him back in the ring, then tossed him over the top to eliminate him even though Undertaker was eliminated. Maven was bleeding. The beating continued as Undertaker left with Maven through the crowd and beat him up by the concession area. This was by far the greatest thing Maven ever did in his WWE career. He didn't amount to too much during his short run in the company, but at least he can say he had one of the most memorable moments in Royal Rumble history.

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