7 Things You Should Know About WWE Royal Rumble 2002

1. Triple H Was A Very Obvious Choice To Win The Rumble

Triple H may have received the biggest ovation of his career during this match as the 22nd entrant. That's what happens when you're injured for nearly eight months. His return a few weeks earlier on Raw in Madison Square Garden might have been bigger, but that was not for a match. He looked as big as ever too, which wasn't a surprise because he's such a workout warrior and had a really impressive physique especially when he became a main eventer. Hunter wasn't booked as the most dominant guy in the match, but he was definitely put over in a big way. He eliminated four guys and at no point did it really look like he was going to lose except for the very end when he nearly went out after a back body drop by Angle. He was the favorite going into it and came through with the win. As mentioned earlier, Hunter was in the final four with Angle, Austin and Mr. Perfect. Angle eliminated Austin, who was so mad about his exit that he destroyed the others with chair shots. Hunter eliminated Perfect. That left Hunter with only Angle, who was the top heel in the match. Hunter had a short battle with Angle and he was able to eliminate Kurt with a clothesline over the top to the floor. The babyface run of Triple H really didn't last that long because he turned heel in the summer, which was more natural and the better role for him. He was still the right call to win this match. It was the third straight year where WWE had a great Rumble match. Check it out if you have WWE Network.
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