7 Things You Should Know About WWE Royal Rumble 2006

The night that Rey won the Rumble for Eddie.

There were heavy hearts for WWE fans heading into the 2006 Royal Rumble because of the death of beloved former WWE Champion Eddie Guerrero, who tragically died of a heart attack two months earlier. Even though Eddie was no longer with us, his name was uttered endlessly in the build up to the match mostly because of his good friend Rey Mysterio was a favorite in the match. Eddie had a long feud with Rey in 2005, but after Eddie's death WWE had no problem in saying that Rey was one of his closest friends. While everybody else was also mourning Eddie's death, Rey was wearing "EG" armbands in tribute to his fallen friend. This was a period in WWE where they were in a bit of a funk. There aren't too many Royal Rumble matches where the Rumble match isn't on last, but this is one of them. WWE decided to put both the WWE and World Title matches. After watching the show it's understandable why one of them followed it. However, it's still weird to have the Rumble match in the second hour of the show. The 19th Royal Rumble event took place in Miami, Florida on January 29, 2006. Here are the results from the show. 1. Cruiserweight Title: Gregory Helms d. Kid Kash, Funaki, Jamie Noble, Nunzio & Paul London to win the title. 2. Mickie James d. Ashley (w/Trish Stratus as Special Referee) 3. The Boogeyman d. John Bradshaw Layfield (w/ Jillian Hall) 4. Rey Mysterio won the Royal Rumble 5. WWE Title: John Cena d. Edge (w/ Lita) to win the title 6. World Title: Kurt Angle d. Mark Henry to retain the title Here are seven things you should know about the 2006 Royal Rumble.

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