7 Things You Should Know About WWE Royal Rumble 2006

5. The McMahons Cost Shawn Michaels The Royal Rumble

There weren't a lot of great angles in the Rumble match. It was a pretty basic match for the most part. One of the few angle developments involved perennial babyface favorite Shawn Michaels. Michaels was the 25th man in the match. After all 30 guys entered the music of Vince McMahon started to play. Unlike the year before when he tore his quad muscles, Vince didn't run down to the ring this time. He just stood by the entrance. The presence of Vince distracted Shawn, so that allowed Vince's son Shane to enter the ring and toss Shawn over the top to eliminate him. It was the classic spot in the Rumble where somebody not in the match showed up to cost somebody else the win. Triple H (a heel at the time) tried to attack Shawn, but Shawn ended up giving him a Superkick and then went after Shane. This angle was done to set up Shawn's WrestleMania 22 match against Vince, who was making Shawn's life miserable at this point in his career. The feud continued for much of the year too.

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