7 Things You Should Know About WWE Royal Rumble 2006

6. Poor JBL Was Relegated To Boogeyman Duty

The Boogeyman was one of the stupidest characters in WWE history and also one of the worst in-ring performers. He was so bad that if a match went longer than five minutes it became unwatchable. Thankfully, WWE knew that he sucked and booked him in short matches because of it. John Bradshaw Layfield had fallen so far after holding the WWE Title for a year that he was put in this match with The Boogeyman. It was the PPV debut of The Boogeyman. The main reason they had a feud was because The Boogeyman had bitten off the mole that had grown on Jillian's Hall face, so apparently this was JBL fighting for revenge. Jillian with the mole on her face was one of the worst angles in wrestling history. Prior to the match starting, The Boogeyman spit some worms onto Jillian. The match went a whopping two minutes. The Boogeyman won with a simple Pumphandle Slam. He was basically just a comedy wrestler that was featured on television for reasons nobody can really understand. It was such a big step down for JBL and a waste of TV time to push the Boogeyman as much as they did.

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