7 Things You Should Know About WWE Royal Rumble 2006

1. The Undertaker Returned To Scare Kurt Angle

This one of those PPVs where a lot of people probably forget that Mark Henry actually main evented the show by challenging Kurt Angle for the World Heavyweight Title. It was WWE's attempt to turn Henry into a main event player with Daivari as his manager because he was great at drawing heat. It took another five years for Henry to really get to that main event level. Angle was obviously going to retain the title in this match. There was no way Henry was going to win the gold. Angle was something of a tweener at this point that had earned respect from the fans for being a wrestling machine. He was still cheating when he could, though. Henry was built up really strong, so Angle was only able to slow him down after a ref bump. Angle got in a low blow, then a really stiff steel chair shot to the head and a second chair shot knocked Henry down. That didn't lead to the finish because Henry kicked out. Angle ended up winning after exposing a turnbuckle, sending Henry into the exposed steel and then using a rollup to get the win. After the match, The Undertaker's gong sounded and he rode in on a chariot. He didn't wrestle at this show. His music started up and he stared at Kurt Angle in the ring. He did a belt motion signalling for the World Title. Undertaker raised his hands in the air, then some cheesy purple graphics made it look like he shot lightning above the ring. Then Undertaker lowered his hands, so more cheesy purple graphics appeared on the screen and the ring exploded. Tazz said "holy s**t" on commentary while Angle looked concerned. That's how the PPV ended. That ending set up Angle defending the World Title against Undertaker at the No Way Out 2006 PPV, which is one of the best major title matches in WWE history. Considering that The Undertaker had some awful feuds with some terrible big men wrestlers like Heidenreich, he was probably thrilled to have a rivalry with Kurt Angle, who was the best wrestler alive at this point in his career. It was a very average PPV highlighted by Rey's win and they ended it in a big way with The Undertaker's pyrotechnics display.
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