7 Times WWE Missed Opportunities With Sasha Banks

It's little wonder why The Boss wants out of WWE...


It looks like Sasha Banks could be done with WWE after all.

The Boss has made little secret of her frustration with creative. Since dropping the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships to The IIconics at WrestleMania 35, Banks has been absent from WWE TV, retreating to Twitter to post cryptic digs at Vince McMahon's empire. Having recently liked another Tweet criticizing the company, Banks could very well be going down the Jon Moxley route and jumping ship to AEW – providing she solves her contractual issues first.

A multiple-time champion and Women's Evolution figurehead, Sasha Banks' WWE tenure has been short but explosive. Yet it’s easy to see why Banks is still frustrated. The Boss is a wrestling fan first and foremost. If she can't be the best at what she does then there's little reason to keep doing it. She has done well in WWE but never quite managed to reach the heights of Charlotte Flair and now Becky Lynch, remaining in the periphery rather than the spotlight.

The Boss has delivered exceptional matches that have forever changed the game in women's wrestling, but if WWE keep missing opportunities such as these, then the legacy she fought to build may well be forever tarnished...


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