7 Ups & 1 Down From AEW Collision (Sept 23 - Results & Review)


1. Same Old AEW Problems

AEW Collision Julia Hart Kiera Hogan

After last week's AEW Collision saw the company's female roster main event the Saturday show for the first time - that being Kris Statlander defeating Britt Baker in 12 minutes - things sadly reverted back to 'the norm' for AEW's ladies on this week's Collision.

For the most part, Collision - and the wider AEW programming - will see the women get one singles match, which runs for around six or seven minutes, but that has a three-minute picture-in-picture break during it. At least this time there was no P-in-P ad break for Collision's sole ladies match, yet poor Julia Hart and Kiera Hogan didn't even get four minutes of bell time here.

Given her trajectory since joining the House of Black, Hart was always going to be the victor here - particularly with her now having Statlander in her crosshairs - but could the talent have had a smidge more time? Even including the post-match shenanigans involving Sky Blue, plus Brody King and Julia's brief promos, the whole segment wrapped up in barely five minutes.

To only offer up so little time to your female roster on a two-hour broadcast? Once again, please do better, Tony.

On a more positive note, it was nice to see it brought up how Julia Hart is targeting Stat due to how the TBS Champion was the last person to beat her; that defeat coming on an April 2022 edition of AEW Dark: Elevation.

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