7 Ups & 2 Downs From WWE SmackDown (Sept 25)

A-level 'go home' for a B-level pay-per-view.

Could the celebratory scene you see above be the end result this Sunday at Clash Of Champions? It's possible, and WWE did pretty much rule out one possible winner on this week's SmackDown. That, despite the fine work of AJ Styles, Sami Zayn and Jeff Hardy, meant their segment got a 'Down'.

Way to go, writing team!

Seriously though, it was one of few. This week's episode was a fine example of how this company are oddly better when they don't try too hard and use natural, realistic stories instead of wild guff like 'Matt Riddle wrestles barefoot because frostbite LOL'. As the summary line says, this was A-level last-minute hype for a B-level pay-per-view.

That's fine, because creating an enjoyable two-hour program should never be considered a negative. Friday's effort had some bigger-than-expected storyline developments, a few watchable matches and some of the best promo work you'll see all year.

Most of it was simple but intense, which really helped motor things along. Here are all the 'Ups' and the 'Downs' from a surprisingly strong 'go home' episode of SmackDown...


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