7 Ups & 3 Downs For AEW Collision (Oct 21 - Results & Review)

A stunning opener and House of Black return in a major way on AEW Collision.

AEW Collision House of Black Big Bill Ricky Starks

Another weekend, another AEW Collision in the books.

This week, we had a scorching opener between two of the best in-ring talents on the planet, House of Black returned to AEW programming in a major way, and Eddie Kingston delivered another magnificent promo as only Eddie Kingston can. It wasn't all smooth sailing for AEW's Saturday show, mind, and this latest Collision certainly threw up some questions - and not necessarily the good sort.

Also, as someone who will always give an Up for Collision utilising pre-titles promos as a way to set the table for what's to come, obviously your writer is fuming that this is a second straight week now that AEW has opted against doing this.

Still, there was plenty to enjoy about this week's AEW Collision, even if there were certain head-scratching issues with the episode. And no, absolute not was a predictable, bland, redundant Battle of the Belts VIII being sat through where it pertains to this Ups & Downs.

With all of that in mind, then, Saturday night's alright for fighting...

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