7 Ups & 3 Downs From AEW Dynamite (September 27 - Results & Review)


3. Righteous Anger

The Righteous

It's unfair to call The Righteous' promos nonsensical, but they're not that far removed from it.

"Do you ache for a feeling that you fake to feel" and "Karma has no deadline" are the sort of lines that sound way cleverer on the page than they do being delivered by pro wrestlers because - and this should be spoken about more - wrestlers still grab holds. The smarter the promos attempt to be, the dumber the moves look when the bell rings. Why would these self-identifying oddballs do moves?

There have been enough attempts at gimmicks like Dutch and Vincent in the past, and they never go the distance unless when wins, losses and pro wrestling come first. What might work in Impact and Lucha Underground (RIP) doesn't necessarily fit in All Elite Wrestling (or Ring Of Honor), and challengers that already felt like passengers didn't get a chance to take the wheel here.


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