7 Ups & 3 Downs From Impact Wrestling (Nov 19)

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Tessa Blanchard Impact Wrestling
Impact Wrestling

In today's day and age, it's near impossible to keep up with all the wrestling that's available. Whatever you do though, you need to ensure you're watching Impact Wrestling.

You can always guarantee an outstanding pay-per-view event each and every time they come around, while the weekly shows are often great too. This week's episode certainly came under that tag, with the main event Elimination Challenge being one of the company's best matches of the year. Rich Swann, in particular, made himself look like a total star throughout his whole participation in the bout, even though he wasn't involved in the final two.

Elsewhere, yet another showcase was created for the doubles division as The Rascalz and The Deaners all took flight, Ace Austin ambushed Trey ahead of their X Division Championship match in the new year, Jordynne Grace absolutely destroyed John E. Bravo, and Ken Shamrock confronted Johnny Swinger after 'The Swing Man' left an unwelcome gift in Shamrock's bag seven nights ago.

For the bulk of the show, this week's Impact was a grand two hour affair that built plenty of stories, and created the main event for Hard To Kill.


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