7 Ups & 4 Downs From AEW Dynamite (Dec 18)

Episode 12 fails to crack the top half of the Dynamite Dozen...

Dynamite Dark Order
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Last week's show saw Dynamite roar back into form - more iffy Women's division segments aside - following two uneven weeks plagued by botches both technological and creative.

Chris Jericho intelligently re-framed Jon Moxley's history in WWE as something not to be mocked, in the process batting away a legitimate criticism of AEW's petty digs and putting over his future challenger. Cody performed another storytelling masterstroke that furthered his appeal as a babyface; his willingness to trust the lowly QT Marshall was paid off with a performance in which the enhancement talent over-delivered with an electric and endearingly rough comeback spot. Somehow, AEW got over a new tag team and yet another sentimental favourite. In stunning contrast and response, MJF cut an incredible promo that intersected comedy and malevolence.

Hangman Page and Kenny Omega hinted at discord - and a major programme - in a subtle, powerful story-driven TV match. Chris Jericho Vs. Jungle Boy was advanced through a very fun Sammy Guevara Vs. Luchasaurus match, following which Jungle Boy scored an unofficial pin over Le Champion. The Young Bucks earned #1 contendership in a wild, thrilling Street Fight spectacle that conspired to make a million table bumps look organic.

Did AEW maintain it?

A bit...


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