7 Ups & 4 Downs From WWE SmackDown (Jan 17)

3. Ye Olde Losing Streak Gimmick

The Revival

Speaking of "zero favours", it's The Revival!

As much as losing a match to the returning Usos is totally fine, this constant harping on The Revival's funk that Michael Cole and Corey Graves are doing won't get anyone over. The old losing streak gimmick has to be one of the dullest tropes in the WWE playbook.

There is some real life sh*t going on with Dash and Dawson behind the scenes, and WWE are probably hesitant to do anything worthwhile with them until that's sorted out, but they're still one of the best tag-teams in the industry today and deserve a little more shine.

All WWE need to do is put The Revival in lengthy, traditional tag bouts and let them do what they love to do bell-to-bell. Tacking on this loser storyline simply will not work. Why would fans care about a duo they're persistently told can't get the job done?

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