7 Ups & 5 Downs From IMPACT Wrestling Homecoming 2021

Purrazzo and Rehwoldt are crowned, Morrissey's streak ends, Alexander and Taurus thrive.

Matthew Rehwoldt
IMPACT Wrestling

The Homecoming tournament nearly didn't work.

Every opening-round match failed for whatever reason. The surprise debut of Matthew Rehwoldt hit the right note, but the match didn't click. Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green seemed to think they were heels against Petey Williams and Jordynne Grace in a move that was never explained. Missy Hyatt added nothing to Brian Myers, Tommy Dreamer, and Rachael Ellerings' outing. The less said about Fallah Bahh and Decay's interactions, the better.

The aura of the tournament was sort of improved for the semifinals, whereas the finals hit the ball right. It was a tough task to get invested in a tournament when you already knew what the end result (if you read the spoilers, that is), but nonetheless, some of it worked. The fact that this was an intergender tournament rather than a mixed tag team tournament benefitted this superlatively, too.

In non-tournament ongoings, this all worked to differing extents. Deaner vs. Willie Mack told the right story, Josh Alexander and Black Taurus had an expected banger of an X Division Championship match, and Eddie Edwards and W. Morrissey's weapons fight ruled hard.

It was a decent prospect, but IMPACT must get this right should there be a 2022 edition. Let's get to it...


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