7 Ups & 5 Downs From WWE Raw (20 Nov - Results & Review)


5. ‘Yeet-Down’?

Jey Uso

It’s understandable that WWE would try out new catchphrases from time to time to see what catches on and what falls by the wayside, but sometimes, some lines are best left in the writers’ room.

The Usos (and Sami Zayn) made “yeet” a household word on SmackDown this year, and Jey brought that with him to Raw this fall. His new T-shirt is simple enough, and fans enjoy yelling it in lieu of “yay!” during a heel/face strike exchange.

But Jey might have hit on a bridge too far Monday night, when he told Drew McIntyre he was about to catch a “yeet-down” from him. And in case fans missed it, Uso asked if fans wanted him to issue a “yeet-down” on Drew.

As catchphrases go, this one probably isn’t going to become an iconic one. But knowing WWE, this could be the canary in the coal mine – it could be the first of several yeet-inspired phrases and words that the writers try to sneak onto television. Nothing says WWE trying to be hip like taking a phrase and going straight to overkill.

Regardless, “yeet-down” is a silly, inoffensive term, but this should be a one-and-done for it.

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