7 Ups And 1 Down For WWE NXT (Feb 24)

Which WWE NXT stars experienced Doomsday this week?

Cole NXT

An Undisputed Era on the rocks. A Prince whose kingdom appears to be on fire. And an Emperor creeping dangerously close to Doosmday. If Game of Thrones did wrestling shows, they'd probably look a little like Wednesday nights in the Capitol Wrestling Center.

But, (some would say thankfully) they don't, so instead we had a long awaited No DQ skirmish to set pulses racing, a team of rugged, youthful wise-guys taking on 'Shrek and Donkey', and a Ninja Warrior getting her leg broken by a student of a dragon warrior.

Elsewhere, an exciting newcomer marked herself out as a future NXT Women's title challenger, NXT's fastest rising tag team had their momentum murdered backstage, a certain member of a heelish faction found themselves suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, and Indi Hartwell thinks Dexter Lumis is fit.

Sure, some things may not have been everyone's cup of tea - looking at you show-closing high school drama project - but when the black and gold brand got going last night, it dragged us kicking and screaming into a world of pain, heartache, and intrigue. What else do you want from your pro wrestling in 2021?

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