7 Ups And 3 Downs From NXT TakeOver: Philadelphia

Run, don't walk, to see this PPV, including a can't-miss main event.

If you spent your Saturday night watching NXT TakeOver: Philadelphia, chances are you had a pretty damn enjoyable evening. And chances are you are wondering how in the hell WWE is going to top this with the Royal Rumble on Sunday.

NXT has made a habit of throwing down the gauntlet with its Saturday TakeOver shows before a big WWE PPV, but the Philly version might have topped them all, with the last two matches being as close to flawless as you can get. Despite some hiccups here and there, nearly everything clicked during the show. Even the one match this writer didn’t care for was more of a personal opinion, and others won’t see it the same way.

And let’s just say this: If you didn’t like the main event, you have no business calling yourself a wrestling fan. Just call up Cameron the Funkadactyl and discuss the merits of Melina versus Alicia Fox. Johnny Gargano and Andrade “Cien” Almas mesmerized a traditionally tough Philly crowd that already had seen great action from Velveteen Dream, the Undisputed Era and Aleister Black.

Clocking in around two hours, these TakeOvers are usually easy to digest, but you might find your heart racing a little bit in the main event.

Let’s get to it…

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