7 Ups And 6 Downs From Last Night's WWE Raw (Oct 22)

Street Profits debut, Velasquez doesn't impress, and more cuckolding.

kevin owens aj styles

It’s becoming harder and harder to grade Raw these days.

On one hand, we’re getting a couple pretty good matches each week and some decent segments, so those are positive signs. However, we also are getting some embarrassing or dumb angles, which drag the show down.

More importantly, however, is this question: Was there anything on Raw Monday night that you would deem “must-see”? For example, if you had a friend who missed the show, is there something you would tell them they absolutely had to track down and catch? It’s becoming easier and easier to say, “If you missed Raw, watch the YouTube clips, read a review or two, and you’ll be caught up.” It’ll take about a half-hour of your time, as opposed to scanning through a three-hour episode.

We saw the Raw debuts of a few superstars and some nice follow-up on other new wrestlers to the show, which was a positive development. But we also saw some of the directionless nature of the show, as bad storylines persist and good wrestlers are lacking any real storyline.

We keep saying that the show is markedly better than it was several months ago, but that isn’t going to cut it for much longer. A billion-dollar company should be able to deliver better than “it doesn’t suck like it did six months ago.”

With that said, let’s get to it…


Scott is a former journalist and longtime wrestling fan who was smart enough to abandon WCW during the Monday Night Wars the same time as the Radicalz. He fortunately became a fan in time for WrestleMania III and came back as a fan after a long high school hiatus before WM XIV. Monday nights in the Carlson household are reserved for viewing Raw -- for better or worse.