7 Ways WWE Could Reinvent Braun Strowman

How can WWE rebuild Braun as the “Monster Among Men” that he once was?


Braun and Bobby Lashley created fireworks (quite literally) together with their feud culminating at Extreme Rules. But after no SummerSlam program and Lashley joining the many injured superstars on the inactive list, there doesn’t seem to be a set plan for the 'Monster Among Men' just yet.

And that has been the unfortunate running story with Strowman. He had feuds with Corbin (ask Seth how good that is for your career), then Michael Che and Colin Jost (yes, from SNL), and finally the one with Bobby Lashley. Not exactly a jaw-dropping array of challengers for the big man.

And beyond those few dedicated programs, most of Braun's career has been spent doing squash matches against nobodies as if he was the third Viking Raider. It seems WWE forgets that building up somebody as a giant badass actually has to have an end game for it to matter.

And sure, part of that is injury getting in the way but this is a man who went about nine months without taking a pinfall. He basically carried that winning streak for as long as a woman carries a child. Surely we can book better opponents than local talent squash matches and afterthought feuds right? And WWE (read: Vince McMahon) is apparently enamored with his star potential and of course his freakish size. So how do you position him to reach those heights?


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