7 Worst Wrestling Moments Of The Week (July 30)

It was like eating hot dogs in a Punjabi Prison.

John Cena Rusev

It was a newsworthy week in wrestling. "Samson" joined the ranks of “Antonio” from Cesaro and “Adrian” from Neville in the graveyard of unloved wrestler names. Emma learned the life lesson of not complaining about her employer on social media, while Road Dogg went on a tear with a wild blocking spree of anyone who dared complain about the crappy pay-per-view he helped book.

You know, for a guy who once challenged his current boss to a shoot fight on-air while in another promotion, you'd think he'd be a little more forgiving of criticism.

The consensus seems to be that Battleground was a big ol' dud. Unless you're a fan of flag matches where the competitors suddenly forget the basics of walking, or unless you really like excessive amounts of aluminum spray-painted to look like it's bamboo, then it's hard to argue against that standing. But hey, the free version of SmackDown was pretty good!

GFW lost about 10% of their audience from the prior week. Grado attempted to marry Laurel Van Ness. And Mahabali Shera...holy crap he hasn't been on TV since the India tapings! Is this like Home Alone and they forgot to bring him back? He's only 26!

Otherwise, hot dogs, handicap matches, and people being bad at their jobs helped make this week the worst.


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