7 Worst Wrestling Moments Of The Week (July 30)

7. Hot Dog, We Have Some Wieners!

Remember last summer when the Hardys were the most interesting thing going in professional wrestling? Now they’re selling wieners.

There are very few things more painful in all of WWE than their in-house commercials for other brands. Why any company would spend money on this is a mystery. They would probably achieve a higher return on investment if they hired Gene Snitsky to hold up a sign outside of an actual Sonic.

Just remember the past results. Who could forget Tyson Kidd wanting to make love to some chicken fries while Natalya watched? Who could forget Enzo Amore wanting to get intimate with a bucket of chicken while Big Cass was in the room? How did Vince McMahon resist the urge to not have The Hardys want to take a bath with the hot dog? That showed some serious restraint on his behalf.

As the company struggles to be cool in this era (or really since 2001), these ads are badly harming that venture. It drags everyone down who agrees to be in them, as it looks like they're selling their wrestling soul. Delete these from the face of the earth!


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