7 Worst Wrestling Moments Of The Week (March 26)

How many Bellas is too many?

Ric Flair And Sheamus

This week in the world of professional wrestling, we said our goodbyes to Mick Foley as Raw General manager, witnessed a Jarrett come back into power on Impact and saw half the WWE roster band together for a common cause, by trying to sell us some Snickers.

On the good side of wrestling life, Maryse showed she has some pretty impressive comedic chops. American Alpha and The Usos put on an entertaining Tag Title match, which just goes to show what four talented performers are able to accomplish when they aren’t limited to little boxes on the screen while their boss is making his way to the stage. Sami Zayn and Samoa Joe had a pretty good match as well on Raw, it’s just too bad there isn’t some sort of bigger show coming up anytime soon where they could have really torn it up.

And then, there's The Undertaker. I respect the hell out of the guy as much as the next fan, but it seems he's officially crossed over into Sting/Ricky Steamboat/Ric Flair/Goldberg-like territory where you're more fearful than excited to see him wrestle, because you're not sure if his body can handle taking a series of bumps. Let's hope The Dead Man's last ride is a smooth one.

But let's not waste anymore time. We've got the seven worst wrestling moments of the week to uncover. Now ring the bell!


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