7 Wrestlers Expected To Leave WWE After WrestleMania 32

A finale night for WWE.

WrestleMania is a season finale night for WWE, and like all great television shows, the end of a series can often mean big characters departing from the narrative. In some cases, wrestlers will be departing from the company. Old age catches up with even the fittest athletes, while other talent are just ready for moving on. It is a natural cycle of the business, and is in fact a good thing. When one spot opens up, there is an opportunity for a new star to emerge. Before getting to the names of those stars who will be leaving the company in the near future, let's start with an honourable mention - Brock Lesnar. Technically, he won't be leaving the WWE, but The Beast will almost definitely be disappearing for a while, and that's going to leave one of the biggest holes on the roster. He's been a near constant since january, and he's made the entire Mania season experience a much richer one. It looks like he'll make a star out of Dean Ambrose at WrestleMania, then take some time off before returning for a Bray Wyatt or Braun Strowman match in the summer. But what about those names who will leave WWE for good? The following wrestlers / characters are likely done in the period after WrestleMania 32.
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